Why is having a Sound Mental Health Important at Work?

Why is having a Sound Mental Health Important at Work? - Dr Jonathan Toussaint
November 18, 2017 Work relationships

Why is having a Sound Mental Health Important at Work? -Know the importance of having a sound mental health in the workplace.

The second World Happiness Report published in 2013 has out one key finding – that sound mental health is vital in economic and social progress. According to the report, a healthy mental condition leads to happiness, and happiness leads to longer lives, greater productivity, and positive engagement.

The conclusion is clear: sound mental health leads to sustainable development. This is the primary reason why developing sound mental health at work should be a cornerstone policy for any workplace.

Importance of sound mental health at work

  • It goes hand-in-hand with job satisfaction. 

Employees with sound mental health view their jobs with happiness and positivity. In one of the studies published by iOpener Institute, a positive and happy climate was demonstrated to effectively lower a company’s attrition rate. The study also showed how the same climate boosts productivity because of two things: commitment to tasks and a higher level of energy among employees in fulfilling them.

  • It promotes healthy physical well-being. 

According to data gathered by the United Nations, mental disorders are some of the biggest causes of absenteeism. That’s right – a person’s mental health directly affects his/her physical health. This only shows the impact of sound mental health at work.

  • It strikes a balance.

Harvard Business Review underlines the fact that employees must strike a balance.  Extreme strong positive emotions can be detrimental as well. Achieving that balance is one of the indicators of sound mental health. Employees in a “state of equilibrium” are better engaged and are well-focused.

  • It boosts morale. 

Yet another advantage of sound mental health at work is building a great community where employees can effectively thrive in. Imagine working with disengaged and unhappy people day in and day out. That is no place workers would be excited to go to. 

Worse, imagine bosses who lash out, leaders who are unpredictable and are seemingly mentally unstable. Such a situation is profoundly disastrous to the workplace. It really does not take a genius to see how collective emotions and mindset affect over-all output and performance.

  • It encourages better decision-making. 

In the Harvard Business Review article above, neurological links were established among feelings, thoughts, and action. This means that if the workplace is overrun by negativity and instability, the “thinking, engaged part shuts down.” The same study goes on to say that, “Disengagement is a natural neurological and psychological response to pervasive negative emotions.” 

You can then imagine the power you have when there is sound mental health at work.  Employees are much more engaged. Their thinking facility is at its best. This would mean better decisions and better decisions result to high quality output.

Why is having a Sound Mental Health Important at Work? -Why you should start empowering your employees

The sad reality is this: most companies still do not see sound mental health at work as an important ingredient in better productivity and over-all employee job satisfaction. In some cases, output is given more precedence than the employee’s mental well-being.  In a way, mental health issues are just swept under the rug.

Now that study after study has shown the important of sound mental health at work, companies are challenged to organise programs focused on it. From having an in-house counsellor to periodic group counselling activities, organisations must see the link between sound mental health and increased engagement and productivity. It would not come as a surprise that in the future, an increasing number of companies will be investing in programs that encourage sound mental health at work.

Dr Toussaint can help improve mental health in your workplace

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