Practical Ways to Deal with Judgmental People

Practical Ways to Deal with Judgmental People - Dr Jonathan Toussaint
February 5, 2018 Dealing with People

ways to deal with judgmental people

We’ve all dealt with a judgmental person or two at least once or twice in our lives. It can be difficult to avoid these people, as they turn up in all walks of life. When you come across a judgmental person, the words they say can pierce through your defences and bring you down. However, you must not let their words get to you. These people see fault in everything and everyone, and nothing you do can possibly make them happy.

You may not be able to control these people, but what you have control over is your reception to their harsh criticisms. You can either let them bring you down, or you can use their words to fuel your personal evolution. By choosing the latter, you are not just being the bigger person. Choosing to prioritise your personal growth over judgment sets an example as to how people treat the people around them.

How to effectively deal with judgmental people

There are heaps of practical things you can do to deal with judgmental people. To help you navigate through your environment filled with people who only have negative things to say, we have compiled a short list for you. Here goes:

Do not sink to their level.

It might feel good to snap back at judgmental people, but doing so does not do you any good. The fact about these people is they probably judge themselves more than they judge other people. Talking back just fuels their resentment, and further enforces the negativity connected with their innermost thoughts.

Do not let their negativity turn you into a person that you are not, and don’t want to be. Rise above the criticisms and do not give them power over you. By doing so, you are protecting yourself from being entangled with further drama.

Do not take their words personally.

Judgmental people are toxic. Nothing you do will ever make them feel satisfied. That is the reason why you should never base your actions on the words that they say. Do not take their words personally, as they are probably only saying those to be petty.

Try to understand them.

This is probably going to be difficult, but one of the most effective ways of dealing with judgmental people is to help them get rid of their negativity. We must remember that these people are products of their own environment. By trying to understand them, you are practicing compassion. This can pave the way to them opening up to you. This also sets an example on how they should deal with individuals around them.

Practical Ways to Deal with Judgmental People -

Take your experience with them as life lessons.

You can learn heaps from dealing with these people. Consider judgmental people as challenges that you have to triumph over to be a better and more compassionate person. Look at the meaning behind your interactions with these people, and use your experience with them to be a new and improved person.

Focus on the positive.

When you are surrounded by negative and judgmental people, it can be challenging to think positive all the time. However, trying to be positive amidst all the negativity is exactly what you should do when dealing with judgmental people. Appreciate the fact that you were not brought up in the same environment that made them harsh and judgmental. Focus on yourself, and channel your energy on bigger and better things. By looking at the world in a positive light, you are making it more difficult for their darkness to dim your personal shine.

What you should know about judgmental people

Judgment comes from envy and insecurity. Once you understand this, you will better realise how trivial their words actually are. Understand where their words are coming from, but take their criticisms with a grain of salt. There’s a fine line between constructive criticism and being judgmental. By knowing when and when not to take their words to heart, you can be better equipped to deal with this type of people.

If you are experiencing problems in dealing with judgmental people in your personal and professional environment, it would be helpful to approach a professional business coach. Schedule an appointment with Dr John Toussaint by calling 0419 697 018.


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