Health professional, published author, and registered marriage celebrant - Dr Jonathan Toussaint


John’s professional life has been dedicated to the not-for-profit community sector. This has included clinical leadership and executive management roles in the areas of disability, mental health, and children’s services. He has developed leading-edge practices that strengthen the family and community, and is recognised as a leading educator in the field of strength-based approaches to individual, family, community and corporate work.

John has served as a consultant to government, business and industry, and serves as the Head of Health and Behavioural Sciences at the Medical Register of Australia.

John is an experienced therapist, mediator, trainer and published author. He has formal qualifications in psychology and a PhD in health science. He has a strong advocacy mindset for equality, human rights and social justice, and works towards a community that embraces and maintains mental, social and emotional wellbeing for all people.

Since 2013, John has been the President of the International Society of Counselling and Clinical Supervisors, promoting excellence in the education of counselling and clinical supervisors, and to support ongoing best practice, quality professional development, and supervision of supervisors in all work settings.

His research interests are in the neuroscience of human social behaviour and the important insights on psychopathological conditions where attachment dysregulation is likely to play an important role.



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