5 Tips for Overcoming Trust Issues in Relationships

5 Tips for Overcoming Trust Issues in Relationships - Dr Jonathan Toussaint
January 25, 2018 Relationship Problems

overcoming trust issues in relationships

If you have been burned many times before, it can be difficult to trust again. However, if you want to form meaningful relationships with the people around you, especially your significant other, you need to learn how to trust again.

Trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. No matter how much you love each other, without trust, that love can grow to be toxic and suffocating. Trust makes all relationships move further. That is the reason why, if you want your relationship to climb up a notch, you have to trust your partner without a shadow of doubt.

How to successfully overcome trust issues in relationships

No relationship is perfect. There are times when people have wilfully lied to the other person for their own good. There are also times when people have become dishonest because they want to protect themselves from the ire of their partners. You might think that what somebody doesn’t know won’t hurt them, but the fact that you are keeping secrets is already a legitimate cause for their resentment.

If you want to foster the kind of relationship that lasts for a long time, you have to successfully deal with trust issues whenever they arise. To help you, here are some tips to help you overcome trust issues in relationships effectively:

1. Always leave the line for communication open.

Communication is the key to a healthy and successful relationship. Insecurities, fears, and doubts seep in when you are unsure about the current state of your relationship. By opening the line for communication at all times, you prevent the growth of these negative feelings and reassure your partner that you are with them through thick and thin.

2. Talk about your day.

Being in a relationship means that you are sharing a part of your life with your significant other. A good way to enrich your relationship is by discussing your daily lives with each other. If your partner does not feel like you welcome them into your life anymore, or if they feel like they do not know what is going on with your life, they can second-guess their importance to you. By simply talking about your day, you are subtly showing them that you want to involve them in your life and you want them to be part of it.

3. Do not keep secrets from them.

Secrets foster distrust in a relationship. We are not talking about secrets for surprise parties, or white lies that do not really affect your relationship at all. The focus here are secrets about you, your personal life, your beliefs, and your actions.

Keeping such secrets from your significant other shows that you do not trust them with pieces of yourself. This breeds resentment and enforces distance between partners. To avoid such negativity, always be truthful when talking to your partner.

steps to overcoming trust issues in relationships

4. Involve them in your inner circle.

To have a healthy relationship, you need to introduce your significant other to your friends and family. You also have to actively involve them in group activities to help them feel like you want them to belong. By introducing them to your inner circle, you ease their fears and insecurities about other people who are close to you.

5. Try to understand them at all times.

Acquiring the trust of a person is not easy. To gain their trust, you need to actively show that you care about them. There are heaps of ways to show that you care, but none are as effective as being understanding and patient at all times. This shows your partner that you are serious about the relationship, and you want to make it work for the long haul.

Trust is the Key to a Long and Healthy Relationship

Building trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Without it, your relationship will crumble as quickly as you have formed them. If you find it difficult to connect with your partner and think that you need professional assistance in building trust, we are the right people to call.

A professional counsellor like Dr John Toussaint can help you through the journey. Call us today 0419 697 018 to schedule an appointment.

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