New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Parents of Toddlers

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Parents of Toddlers - Dr Jonathan Toussaint
January 10, 2018 Parenting Tips

new years resolution for parents

Time really flies when parents are raising kids. One day they are just babies, and the next thing you know, they are packing their bags, ready for their life at Uni. This is why you should always make New Year’s resolutions as a family.

As you start a new year, it is necessary to reflect on the year that has passed. Remind yourself about the achievements that you had as a parent, and the things that need some work. Parents tend to be quick in criticising their parental techniques. Reflecting helps in highlighting not only the mistakes but also the wonderful things you did.

It is important to savour the time that you have with your kids as they grow up really fast. Now that a New Year is fast approaching, here are some New Year’s resolution ideas so you can make the most of your time with your kids.

1. Plan more family activities.

Parents tend to be so busy at work that they sometimes get less interaction with their kids. It’s nobody’s fault as what they do is all for their kids’ future. However, toddlers do grow fast and before you know it, you have missed the opportunity to have quality time together.

You can start a weekly ritual. Every week, schedule a fun family activity you can do together. You can change the days depending on the availability of everyone, but make sure to do what is scheduled. It can be a family movie night, a football game at the nearby park, or an art activity your kids would love so much.

2. Always say your hellos and goodbyes.

People normally ignore this, but giving your loved ones warm greetings and farewells is actually important. It is especially essential if you have toddlers. These years are when they pick up simple words and actions from adults around them. So, instead of saying a normal goodbye, or giving a little wave, give hugs & kisses when you see them, and when you have to leave. Saying ‘I love you’ genuinely will also help.

3. Make time for family dinner.

When you are a parent, your work schedule can be hectic. Sometimes, you lose the energy to even talk to anyone when you get home. But did you know that having meals with your kids delivers a lot of positive effects?

When a family eats together and the kids see their parents’ eating habits, they tend to pick them up. Kids can learn to love eating vegetables. You can introduce new and healthy food to your toddlers during mealtime. Healthy food means healthy kids!

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Parents of Toddlers -

4. Be a role model.

The home is after all, the first school the kids go to. As a resolution, start doing things that are ideal for your kids to copy. Try to listen more, and talk less. No matter how challenging it can be, try to control your temper.

Negotiate less, and explain more. Kids understand more than parents often give them credit for. Moreover, they deserve to know the reasons behind your actions. Talk to them with a calm voice and in return, hear what they have to say. You will be surprised with the outcome!

5. Give rewards often.

As adults, we know that good feeling that we have when we get rewarded for a job well done. Kids feel the same when they are rewarded for any good deed that they may have accomplished. Rewards do not have to be in the form of money. (What would your toddler do with money anyway?)

Acknowledging every good deed or achievement of your kid goes a long way. It helps them build their self esteem at a young age, and gives them the thrill that comes with an accomplishment. Did he finish his veggies? Give him a high five! Did she stand for the first time? Clap, smile and kiss her a thousand times!

Being a parent is the hardest job anyone could ever have. It is truly challenging. There may be times when you’ll need an experienced counsellor to help you deal with challenges you have at home. When that time comes, call Dr John Toussaint, an experienced counsellor, mediator, trainer, celebrant, and a published author.

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