Benefits of Counselling for Divorcing Couples

Health professional, published author, and registered marriage celebrant - Dr Jonathan Toussaint
July 18, 2017 Relationship Problems

Benefits of Counselling for Divorcing Couples -

When a couple decides to legally bring their marriage to an end, both parties undergo a great amount of stress. The anxiety is much worse if only one party is sure about the divorce, while the other is not. Everyone’s mental health is at stake, as each person has their own way of coping.

Divorcing couples should undergo counselling to make things easier. While counselling is more common for couples trying to stay married, such therapy is advantageous to everybody involved in a divorce. If you are on the verge of ending your marriage, you may not know the benefits of counselling for divorcing couples.

Why Counselling is Best for Divorcing Couples

Here are some of the benefits of sitting down a having a chat.

1. Counselling for divorcing couples makes you realise how sure you are of the divorce.

Oftentimes, a couple that has been together for years gets tired of each other. To solve the problem, you may decide to divorced. Yet sometimes, divorce is not the answer. Maybe, all you need is time away from your partner or the opportunity to refresh the love you have.

Counselling will help you realise if this is the case. But if it is the other way around, so be it. Counselling will also let you be firm with your decision of divorce, allowing you to release any feelings of guilt.

2. Counselling for divorcing couples helps cope with all the stress.

Be it emotional, mental, financial, or legal, going through something big like divorce will really stress you out. Let me paint you a picture:

  • You are emotionally burdened, thinking that the beautiful family you used to have will now be divided.
  • You are mentally burdened, experiencing conflicts with your partner and even yourself.
  • You are financially burdened, trying to pay all the costs to get the divorce process done.
  • You are legally burdened, talking with your lawyer to understand every detail about the divorce.

And the list goes on. With counselling, you get to comprehend the situation better, and  discover better ways to cope with stress using rationality and maturity.

divorce counselling

3. Counselling for divorcing couples provides assistance to rebuild your life.

Divorcing couples may have enough resources to go through the process. But the process itself shakes up the good life you have. Before divorce, perhaps, there are a lot of exhausting arguments between you two. No matter how hard you try, you may carry your problems at home to work.

During a divorce, there are tons of papers to organise and things to get done. Although you do your best to manage your time, you just fail from time to time. Finally, after the divorce, there is the settling and rebuilding to do. With everything you’ve been through, you might find yourself lost.

Counselling can guide you to where you really want to be in life: either walking directly towards the life you now want, or getting lost again, but this time, in the right direction. With this therapy, you will find comfort amidst the chaos.

4. Counselling for divorcing couples aids the changing family.

It is obviously parents who are mainly involved in a divorce. But when the divorcing couple has kids, the children will be affected.

If you, as parents, cannot make your relationship work anymore and it is causing more harm than good, divorce is really an option to consider. Now that you will live separate lives, the impact on your children may be too great for them to handle alone. Nevertheless, you are still family.

Counselling lends a hand on making you grasp this. Through this therapy, you will acquire skills on how to handle the crisis your family faces. Without noticing, you will slowly adapt and then appreciate that your changing family is not bad at all.

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