7 Ways You Can Do to Start Dealing with a Family Loss

7 Ways You Can Do to Start Dealing with a Family Loss - Dr Jonathan Toussaint
September 10, 2017 Dealing with grief

7 Ways You Can Do to Start Dealing with a Family Loss -

While people understand that death is inevitable, it is still quite devastating when you lose a loved one.

The pain, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness that come with such an experience can break any person and deeply affect their family.

If you find yourself in this situation, remember that it is so important for loved ones left behind to let grief run its course before moving forward. It is not easy, here are seven things you can do to start dealing with a family loss.

1. Participate in the ceremonious farewell.

It is important for you to face it head on. Join the rituals of the memorial service and the funeral. Bidding the final goodbye in the presence of family and friends will help you better accept the reality of your loved one’s passing. 

You can also draw strength from concretely understanding that you are not going through this loss on your own. You have the love of family and friends especially when the pain gets too heavy to bear.

2. Open a line of communication.

Being alone might not be such a good idea because you will have to grapple with the deluge of painful thoughts and feelings by yourself. Be around people that you trust. Speak openly about your emotions. Accept comforting words. Relating with others as you go through the loss will help you move forward.

3. Find support literature or a support group. 

There are several books and videos that are dedicated to dealing with the loss of a loved one. These can have valuable insights as you grieve a family member’s passing. 

Finding a support group can also be helpful. These are people who can truly empathise with what you are going through because they themselves are dealing with such a situation as well.

4. Seek professional help. 

There is a need to process your thoughts and emotions when you go through something as painful as losing a loved one. This is why among the ways you can start dealing with a family loss is seeking professional help.

There are grief counsellors who can help you make sense of the tragic passing of a loved one. Together, you can map a way towards acceptance and healing.

7 Ways You Can Do to Start Dealing with a Family Loss -

5. Express emotions in a healthy manner. 

You have to be aware that a loss might push you to a downward spiral. There are people who cope with the loss in self-destructive ways such as alcohol or other forms of addiction. Understand that there are healthy alternatives in expressing emotions.

Travel. Learn a new hobby. Write poems. There are so many things that you can do as a healthy outlet for your grief. Do not compound the situation by dealing with it in a destructive manner.

6. Preserve memories. 

Paying tribute to your loved one memorialises them forever. You can make a memory box filled with their photos and mementos. You can plant a tree, or start a cause in their name. Creating such a memorial will help you realise that while your loved one is physically gone, your experiences with them will live on forever.

7. Join altruistic activities. 

Once you expose yourself to activities that make a difference, you get to feel the joy and satisfaction of being able to reach out to others. This is important as you deal with the grief.

You counter the negativity brought by the pain, anxiety, and helplessness by doing things that give people hope and joy. Altruism is quite helpful both for the beneficiary and the benefactor. Take this a step higher by dedicating such selfless activities in the memory of your loved one who has just passed.

Talk to a professional counsellor

Dealing with a loss is never easy. These seven ways to start dealing with a family loss can be your starting point in healing. 

If you need help in the process of moving forward, Dr John Toussaint is here for you.  With years of experience in professional counselling, he can definitely be of assistance in this time of need. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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