7 Awesome Ways to Reward Your Kids for their Good Deeds

7 Awesome Ways to Reward Your Kids for their Good Deeds - Dr Jonathan Toussaint
December 25, 2017 Parenting Tips

rewards kids for good deeds this year

Rewards help your kids get motivated and inspired to continue doing good deeds. They are positive reinforcement for the good behaviour they showed. Usually, parents give their kids money, toys, or a special activity to motivate their kids to help with house chores or do good things on a daily basis. However, in the long run, we must admit that thinking of new ways to reward your kids for their good deeds can be a struggle. Here are some tips to keep things fresh and interesting.

Using rewards effectively

Set realistic goals.

As parents we have goals for our kids. We need them to finish their homework, be nice to other people, help in house chores, and many other things. Giving all these goals to them at once can be overwhelming, especially for younger kids.

Make their good deeds tangible.

Make a chart, or a card that reminds them of the good deeds they have done. Put it in a place where everyone can see it – on the fridge, for example. A chart is an effective way to show kids how they are doing with regards to the set goals. It is a good way to make their good deeds tangible, and not easily forgotten.

Help you children reach their goals.

Some kids won’t be able to reach their own goals without the help of their parents. Therefore, it is important to remind them of the goals that they need to accomplish. Do not forget to praise them verbally when they did something good.

Ways to reward your kids

In thinking about rewards, parents must remember that they should be something valuable to the kids. It is pointless to set rewards that your kids are not interested in. Rewards must be enticing so the kids are motivated in reaching their set goals.

Seize every opportunity to compliment your kid.

A classic way to reward your children is to shower them with compliments. It can be a challenge sometimes to be continuously looking for the good in our kids. But when you do, compliment them like crazy.

A dollar for a school achievement.

May it be something academic or something from their extracurricular activities. Give your kid a dollar every time something meaningful happened in school. Did he get a perfect score in the Math test he was worried about? Did her teacher compliment her for being a good student in class? Be careful though, as monetary rewards can sometimes become a bribe.

Inspire your kids to do good deeds by giving them the rewards they deserve.

Print out a good deed punch card.

This good deed card must have your kid’s name and small circles at the bottom. Every time your kid does a good deed, or finishes a goal you set for them, let them punch a hole on their card. Set an exciting reward when they finish punching all the holes. A good, tangible way to reward their behaviour! And they can track their progress towards their reward.

Give reward coupons.

Another way to make their good deeds tangible is by giving out reward coupons. Rewards do not necessarily need to be money or any material thing. It could be a ‘No Chores for a Day’ card, or a ‘30-Minute Computer Game on a Weekday’ card. Be creative!

Take your kid on a special date.

This is especially effective for households with more than one kid. Sometimes, kids may feel like their parents give more attention to the other siblings. This kind of reward will help you give your kid individual attention. Not only is this a good reward, it is also a good way to bond with your family.

Increase your teenager’s privileges.

Many reward systems will not work anymore once your kids reach their teenage years. However, there is one thing that teenagers love: freedom. Increasing their privileges is a great way to reward teenage kids. Add half an hour to their video game time, or allow them to take the car to their friend’s house.

Go to a fun family outing.

It can be good to teach children how to work together with a group reward. Set your goals. Each child should have a certain goal assigned to him, and they must all contribute to get this reward. Getting the family together and going to the beach is positively reinforcing good behaviour.

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